Mother’s Cont……🤣

My last journal entry was actually about my mother (mostly) and stepmother! I realized after reading it, I released some pent up…Aaaaaaaa… about both of them, so let me clarify, that my mother is everything I’ve, put into words. My stepmother, was not anywhere near as bad as my mother. She probably is the reason my father was around another 10yrs or so, and because of her training in phycology (She’s a Doctor in phycology) my father and I, were able to get closer. He actually was very open to my legal marriage, with my husband of 19yrs! Unfortunately, I was just to angry with my mother that I was not able to treat her well. I truly appreciate the help she gave, because in the end my late father was the only one who really counted, and his acceptance of my life made me lose 90% of the pain and anger inside. So… thanks MLH I will never forget you, and if you ever need anything please let me know.
Now my mother in law (who lives with us by the way) she makes my mother look like, Glenda the good witch! This is hard to do, I swear my mother has flying monkeys in her bedroom closet. Yes, I used the word witch, this is not a medaphor for woman, wether you choose to believe me or not (& personally I don’t care, if you believe me) I come from a long line of witch’s (mostly good, a few evil one’s) mostly, all of female, but there’s been a few male witch’s (5 to be exact) and I am the latest of them. There’s very few men in our family, every generation has one male, but every so often there’s two males born and one is born with gifts. No I can’t wiggle my nose, or telaport, or do the Hollywood version, I can read minds, I’m very intuitive and yes I have the ability to cast and make up spells. I also look 20yrs younger than I am, I also have the ability to see, call upon and control angel’s, demons, spirit’s, other magical creatures and other things that I have no idea where they came from or what they are, probably other dimensions. No I have never and will never use my gifts to personally harm others or cause grief. Most people are quick to, put god or the devil in there, but it’s not like that at all, there really is good and evil. You also need to remember, we have free will, so a person is either good or evil. We also have power over all angel’s demons and spirit’s, so the only way any of these entity’s can harm you is…if you let them. Ok I’m sure you are saying what the hell does that have to do with mother’s… will only one generation of my family has a witch in it, well my mother is the witch for her generation and her mother was for her generation. I have 2 sister’s and a brother, unfortunately my brother passed away in 1997 and I only see my sister’s once in a while. Between them, I have 4 niece’s and one nephew. None of which have shown any family gifts and my 3 greatnieces are still babies. So my mother issues are not only with normal experiences, but a lot of abnormal issues as well.
So back to the monster in law (AAJ) she is not a witch, has no special gifts (unless you consider causing absolute kaous a gift) she is one of those evil people that are not happy unless everyone else is unhappy. She has, 6 living children (my husband included) numerous extended family and numerous adult grandchildren, but not one of them will take her in to live with them in their homes. Why it’s simple, she uses the sweet little old lady act ( yes I mean act) and lies to athoritys ( police, social services, ect) when she can’t get what she wants, or steals things that get people mad at each other, or just doing hateful, nasty and evil things to everyone, her whole life is one big Hummmm!😰 There are so many examples, in my arsonile, but let me give you the worst example; one month my husband and I have been at a marriage retreat, and just wanted to be alone for the last week of my vacation. His mommy dearest (as usual) spent all their money (her, his late brother, his other brother, his nephew, his niece and greatnephew) and needed $50s. Will when we did not answer the phone or the door, the old bat convinced two uniformed rooky (key word) police officers (both have been fired) to come to our house and arrest me for murdering my husband 😱🤔……yes I was being pulled out of our house being cuffed, until my husband poked his head out and both officers, said…Oh Your Alive…..and ran as fast as they could….. saying call your mom.. call your mom! Honestly I have never seen police officers run so fast, and with their hands over their badges. That’s where the gifts come in, even though I didn’t see thier badge numbers, I knew them and reported them that after noon, both were fired for not following proper protocol. My gifts and ability to cast a spell or two, have also prevented the old prune from getting away with many other evil lies she has come up with over the years. Unfortunately, because of her hatred of me, (or every other in law in the family) she also attracts every user and looser you can imagine, who try to take advantage of the situation for financial gain. Why, is she living with us and under my care? Will my husband’s baby brother, was taking care of her for years, unfortunately died of a herion overdose (personally I think he did it on purpose, just to get away from the bitch) she spent the next year and a half, going through her in tire family and was about to be put into a state run nursing home. I stepped in and kept that from happening. If you are thinking, how nice…. thanks but being nice to her had nothing to do with it, I was thinking about the other residents of the nursing home, there spending their golden years in a state run nursing facility 😨…. don’t you think that they have enough problems with out throwing, the one woman horror show in there👹! Then there’s the iorny, she has tormented every in law, and was the major cause of them ending ( I’ve been an in law longer than anyone else of her children, 8 children and not one of their marriages or relationship’s lasted more than 10yrs…. think about it 🤔) I was being given full custody of my mother in law. Believe me she keeps me on my toes, and if I’m not battling her, I’m battling some user/looser who is trying get an illegal payday. Personally, I call it karma, her bad and my good, coming together in perfect harmony! And yes, if I don’t take care of her, she will go to, a state run nursing facility, lock down! So, like everything, you can see the good, bad or whole picture and make up your mind. Like my grandparents always said; life is a series of problems that needs to be solved…. how you solve them makes you the person who you are or will become and believe me I’m going to become a saint dealing with the three ring circus I deal with on a daily basis!!!!
Talk about things that make you go Hummm 😇☮️!!!!!
Be kind to everyone, live every day…. like it’s your last and love yourself (like the Goddess, RuPaul says) because if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell can anyone love you 😀☮️😎!!!!!!?????
Today, one of the greatest female singers and an incredible human being, went home to touch the face of God, today…. Aretha we are going to miss you, the world is a colder place without your presence! ☮️ & ❤️ to you and your family!

AJ Harlequin